Cox’s Bazar beach-tourist center-hotel-motel is opening after 5 months


After being closed for about five months due to the epidemic, the administration has decided to open the world’s longest beaches and hotels and motels in Cox’s Bazar on a conditional limited basis from August 16. The decision was taken at a meeting of the tourism cell of the Cox’s Bazar district administration on Wednesday night.
Following the request of several organizations related to the tourism sector in Cox’s Bazar, a committee was formed on August 1 under the leadership of Imran Zahid Khan, Executive Magistrate in charge of the Tourism Cell of the district administration, to open tourist spots and recreation centers.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the district coronavirus prevention committee has decided to close Cox’s Bazar beaches and hotels and motels in the district from March 16. After that, the deadline for lockdown and general holiday was over, but the tourist centers are still closed. For more than four and a half months, the country’s main tourist destination, Cox’s Bazar, has been closed to tourists.

Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner. Kamal Hossain said, “The administration has decided to open Cox’s Bazar municipal tourist centers with limited beaches and hotels and motels on certain conditions.” However, other recreation centers in the district will remain closed for the time being until further notice.
He said, “Earlier, the officials in charge of the tourism cell of the district administration in consultation with the concerned have formulated a policy to launch the recreation centers.” It contains instructions on how to set up tourist centers in compliance with health regulations. These sector-wise guidelines have been formulated to open tourist centers in Cox’s Bazar. It mentions the imposition of certain conditions for each sector separately.

‘In addition, there is a mention of who will implement the instructions. The administration will monitor to see if these are being complied with properly and to take action. Action will be taken against those who violate other conditions of the directive, including hygiene, ‘said the deputy commissioner.

Naimul Haque Chowdhury Tutul, president of the district restaurant owners’ association, said, “I welcome the decision taken by the administration.” Besides, before life, this word should be considered first of all. Therefore, the administration and all stakeholders must strive to fully comply and implement the policies and guidelines that the administration has set, including healthcare. Only then can Cox’s Bazar be protected from Corona infection. ‘