The government is going in the wrong direction to deal with Corona


Khagrachhari Correspondent: –

The world today is struggling to prevent coronavirus infection. As a result of the continuous lockdown, developing countries are increasingly fearing huge economic losses. Don’t be like the economists. After the crisis, people will see a new world in a new form that they have never seen before. In this context, Mr. Wadut Bhuiyan, BNP’s employment secretary and president of Khagrachhari district BNP and former chairman of Hill Tracts Development Board, former MP at Voice of Democracy’s Live He said the government was going in the wrong direction to deal with the corona. The government had no pre-plan to prevent the corona infection. He said that the government did not think about how the people of the country would go and what they would eat. Government money given by army, BGB, police, various government agencies and non-government organizations – where is the money deposited? The government is also cheating in the name of cash. He further said that in the Corona situation now everyone should work in unity but the government did not respond to the call of the political parties. So today we are worried about the future of Bangladesh. BNP publicity secretary Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie was present at the live conference.